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Watch Coffee Time with PavMeg
Coffee time with PavMeg
Full of smiles at our Kypseli church plant home
Praying for one another during the GrBC retreat

α. The church family of believers that God has given us to love and serve. We’re thankful for our very specific team of people, with all of their unique strengths and weaknesses, that allows us to learn and grow together by God’s grace, which is indeed amazing!

β. Pavlos’ progress on the development of the new college software, which allowed for more streamlined organization of the new student applications this fall, and is now monitoring various aspects of their academic progress.

γ. Impactful interactions with brothers and sisters in Christ through our summer travels and hosting opportunities.

δ. A support system of friends and family who are available to pray with us, offer counsel, and joyfully and lovingly invest in our boys when we need help. We do not take this privilege for granted!

α. The building needs not only at the GrBC which is slowly nearing completion, but we are now looking for a bigger place to accommodate our growing church plant in Kypseli.

β. The implementation of necessary changes needed for our college to reap all the benefits that are available through the technical improvements that Pavlos has been advocating for over the years.

γ. The unity of our church family as we together rely on God’s power at work within us to reach the lost in the heart of Athens. May we be filled with wisdom as we plan outreach and discipleship programs for all ages. And may everything we do be driven by love.

δ. Our marriage and family life as we continue learning how to love and respect one another in the midst of making daily practical decisions.

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