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Spring 2018
Prayer wall at
women's conference

α. A new little gift from God arriving early in the fall! First trimester of pregnancy is finished with healthy reports.

β. The completion of 1/3 of our reading of the Old Testament alongside our church family.

γ. The chance to walk alongside students anxiously laboring with academic assignments and to remind them of the greater perspective of their studying work for this season.

δ. This year’s ministry tour and the impact it had on the students as well as the people we visited and served.

ε. The slow but continuing progress on the academic building front. Unexpected obstacles keep surprising us, but we’re hoping that it can soon become operational.

ς. The privilege we have to continue serving at the college and the Kypseli church plant.

Sunday morning service
at Kypseli church plant

α. The worried hearts and minds of our students as they seek answers for what next steps they should take in life and ministry after completing this year’s studies at the Greek Bible College.

β. The many outreach efforts to Gypsy communities throughout Greece, especially in light of our recent visit to some of these ministries, and for God to raise up even more people who can serve them.

γ. The lives changed through various women’s ministries that Meggan has participated in this winter. Other than a women’s conference where she served on the prayer team, we regularly host missionary women at our home, and after a decade of serving in Greece it is a privilege to offer an experienced voice of encouragement and discipleship as they navigate cultural and personal challenges.

GrBC visit to a Gypsy church

What can you share about this year’s ministry tour?

Pav: This March I had the opportunity to join the students and faculty of the Greek Bible College on a five day ministry tour. The bus took us to the foot of Mount Olympus, where we used a Christian campground as our home base for outreach. The goal of this tour was to visit churches and ministries in the greater area in order to encourage the local believers, strengthen our relationships with them, expose our students to the local ministries and their needs, and to seek opportunities to serve them by organizing events and sometimes even getting our hands dirty.

    A good example of the latter is our visit to a church in the city of Larissa. God recently opened a way for them to acquire a former bar/brothel which they are in the process of turning into a community center. Everyone on our team spent a few hours helping there by tearing down a few walls, moving furniture from this place to the church, and cleaning up. We were all moved by seeing God’s redemptive power at work.

    During this trip we also had the privilege of visiting a young couple — both recent graduates of our college — who are serving in a small village near Karditsa. They pastor two churches quite different from one another! One is a small traditional Greek church, while the other one is a Gypsy church which meets in a storage-unit-turned-church building and “planted” in the middle of a nearby Gypsy camp. The Gypsy population in Greece is culturally very different from native Greeks. They have their own language, customs etc., and their communities, scattered all over the country, are usually linked with illegal activities. The students were able to organize and run two events for children and one for adults in two different gypsy camps.

    Let’s pray to the God of the harvest for more Greeks who will serve among the Gypsies!


Any church news to share?

    We’re excited for our team’s recent efforts to nurture the children among us. A Child Evangelism Fellowship rep recently spoke with our church to emphasize the importance of such work. We have held special events to teach biblical truths to children through crafts and play. We’ve also raised money for scholarships for kids to attend Christian summer camp. Our teenagers are mentored and some of them participate in leading worship. This summer we will again host festivals for children in the Kypseli main square. May God continue helping us plant, water, and nourish budding seeds of faith!

Children playing a game at the Easter VBS program at our church community center
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