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Coffee time with PavMeg
This year's GrBC bachelor program graduates
Meggan leading prayer and worship at Kypseli
Kid's Festival at the
Kypseli square

α. GrBC alumni serving in ministries throughout Albania that the college visited this spring.

β. An extra special graduation celebration this year. GrBC congratulated seven graduates of the full program, the largest class we've seen yet. Also, despite predictions of rain, the traditional outdoor ceremony, that has never been rained out, yet again avoided the backup plan.

γ. Bringing growth to our church plant community through regular attendees inviting family members who in turn have also been regularly attending weekly activities.

δ. Recent conversations with unbelieving friends leading to opportunities to share Christ.

ε. A newly renovated space to host visitors in our apartment building, inviting more hospitality ministry opportunities.

1α. The summer internships of our GrBC students serving all over Greece and beyond.

β. The impact of the baptism of a teenager who's been faithfully involved with our church family for several months.

γ. The outreach through various community events planned in the area of Kypseli. May meaningful connections be made which will in turn lead people to find out what our "uncommon community" is all about (title of our latest Bible study) and why we live with hope and peace in the midst of tumultuous times.

δ. Pav's progress on the coding projects he does for the GrBC.

ε. The regular prayer and worship Sunday morning services Meg is leading monthly.

ς. Our desire to somehow have the ReadScripture resources translated into Greek.

What is your family’s vision for ministry?

    As we began praying for our family’s future during our first year of marriage, God impressed on us a unique vision that gives us clarity in defining our goals and priorities. We want to be forever growing in the knowledge of God’s Word while helping others do the same. We hope this statement is already familiar to you as we have shared it often, but we thought it would be good to revisit it in more detail as it relates to our current season of life and ministry.
Growing ...

    This word reminds us that our vision is to be continually increasing, with the only end being the breakdown of our human capabilities or the completion of our earthly life.
... in the Knowledge ...

    By this we mean gaining true understanding through experience which translates into correct application.
... of God’s Word ...

    The Greek word Logos (translated as Word) is used in the Bible to mean the expression of God. We believe he expressed himself most fully in the person of Jesus. So knowing the Living Jesus is our pursuit, which means the Bible (God’s written word, a unified story pointing us to Jesus) is our main “textbook.”
... while ...

    This important linking word reminds us we should always be doing both parts of our vision simultaneously.
...helping others do the same

    Which brings us to how we are outworking our vision to help others pursue our same goal of Growing in the Knowledge of God’s Word that we’ve just explained.
... at the Greek Bible College

    Our roles at the Bible College have mostly been in helping smooth the operations for the teachers and students in their pursuit to study the Bible. It is a privilege to use our talents and gifts to support this educational process which is offered in modern Greek at our campus only.
... in the Kypseli church plant

    We regularly meet with members of our church family to read the Bible together and remind each other of how the Good News impacts how we live our lives daily.
... through the Bible Project

    For a couple of years we have been using the free media resources of The Bible Project in our personal study of the Bible. This year we invited friends, family, and supporters to join us in the ReadScripture yearlong Bible reading plan. What a blessing for people to find a renewed excitement in their reading of God’s Word!
... through our family life

    We pray nightly that God’s grace and love will be with us as a family. May we know and be the Living Word, together.
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