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Lessons Of Life:
Living Out Love & Laughing Out Loud

I began this blog the last semester of my senior year of college. I wasn't sure what the future had in store for me, but I did know I was planning to go on an SOS (Summer of Service) to serve at a camp in Greece for refugee families and Greek youth the month after I graduated. I had many random answers that I gave to the constantly asked question "so what are you doing after you graduate?"... Some of my favorites were move to Florida and work at Disneyland as a Disney princess, move to some random small-town in Iowa and work as a waitress, or maybe what I most often said was: "Well, I am going to Greece for the summer... who knows, maybe I'll just end up staying there." 

More or less - that is what happened.  And this blog follows many of my "Living Out Love" and "Laughing Out Loud" stories through those two years: 
2008 - Graduating, summer in Greece, spontaneous trip to China, and plans for returning to Greece for a full year of ministry
2009 - Stories from my year serving with Hellenic Ministries in Greece - serving refugees, helping plan Operation Joshua - a Bible distribution project, and connecting with several other local churches and ministries...