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The Mission

Greek Bible College - Work Statement “Grow in the knowledge of God’s Word while helping others do the same”

Who? Pavlos & Meggan Vasileiadis
What? Full-time missionaries as staff members at the Greek Bible College The college was founded by missionaries over 30 years ago, and several of its
Greek national graduates, after going on to obtain Masters and Doctorate degrees at seminaries in the US and other European countries, have returned to Greece and now serve the church as Pastors, Church Ministry leaders, and Professors at the College.
“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” ~ 2 Timothy 2:2
Where? The Greek Bible College is located just outside of Athens, Greece. Since its founding in 1980, it remains the only form of academic biblical education offered in the country.
When? We joined the college community in September 2011, and we plan to continue our work with them for as long as our gifts are able to meet real needs.
Why? We believe that a constant growth in the knowledge of God’s Word is vital
for a healthy relationship with Him. The goal of the Greek Bible College is to provide high-quality biblical education and training to their students while offering opportunities for practical ministry. We believe that the gifts and opportunities God has given us - such as experience in a corporate environment, advanced computer skills, discipleship experience, and music ministry training - are uniquely suitable to support the needs and goals of the college.
Initial Goals
  • Update the school’s library management system, and add online capabilities
  • Support the faculty by providing them with modern collaboration systems
  • Support the students by offering computer technical support services
  • Develop the school’s website and other promotional material
  • Develop and operate an online distance learning system
  • Build discipleship relationships with students
  • Provide translation for guest professors
  • Provide hospitality for college guests
  • Assist in the daily chapel services
How? We are organizing a team of brothers and sisters in Christ who will:
  • Pray for Greece as it is going through tumultuous times;
  • Pray for the Greek Bible College as the only academic institution of biblical education offered in the country;
  • Pray for us as we work with the college to equip and disciple the next wave of leaders who will have a vital impact in meeting the needs of the church in Greece.
  • Commit to giving regular financial gifts to cover our living expenses as this is our only source of income
Main Goal Grow in the knowledge of God’s Word while helping others do the same