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We're back from our 2011 roadtrip across the heartland of the USA.
Read on to find out how to CONNECT with us!
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Summer 2011 Connection

Our summer in America is quickly coming to an end. We have made lots of progress in connecting with our friends, family, churches, and supporters. There were many encouraging conversations, amidst brochure designing and power point creating, as we traveled across six different states to share our heart for Greece. We have also been busy preparing a new PavMeg e-mail layout to keep you clearly "connected" to our work with the Greek Bible College beginning this fall. We want you to realize what a vital part of our team you are through your prayers and financial offerings. We continue to be humbled by the generosity and support of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we're thankful we've been given the privilege to serve the Lord in this way.

In our PavMeg e-mails you will read a personal connection from each of us as we share a brief update or story related to our primary roles on staff at the Greek Bible College. We will also include an encouraging verse (in Greek & English!) from our Bible reading and our most recent prayer requests. If there is anything else you would enjoy reading regularly in our updates, we would love to know your interests. Your feedback is important as we strive to build a genuinely committed group of prayers and encouragers around us. We need you! Thank you again for being a part of our team as together we: "Grow in the knowledge of God's Word while helping others do the same!"
Connect with Pav

This summer I had many opportunities to take an inside look at some of the systems we are going to set up. As I continue to research and gather ideas about how to better design the new library management system for the Greek Bible College, Meg & I intentionally visited some college and community libraries, and we even connected with a couple different librarians who gave us valuable information from their experience. We were also exposed to a few different distance learning platforms already in use by many universities and got advice from a couple of their administrators, as well as users. Of course the research doesn’t end here, but getting a good idea of what is already out there is an essential step before we sit together with the faculty and start designing the College’s distance learning program.

We also worked hard to prepare relevant literature which will continue to communicate the College’s needs even after our visit to the States is over. This has included a number of presentations, a brochure, and a project description proposal for businesses who are willing to donate money and/or hardware to the College. Now we are in the process of designing a prayer card to send out to our team just before the school year gets underway.

Connect with Meg

I am getting so excited to meet this year's students at the Greek Bible College. I have been taking notes and making outlines from discipleship books I've read and classes I've taken to try and prepare myself to lead studies with students to help encourage them in their faith walk. Although I still don't know what kind of structure these meetings will have this fall, I can't wait to maximize on the learning environment that will surround us at the College in order to challenge students to GROW.

Pav & I have had the chance to share my favorite Greek worship song in a few churches and meetings this summer, and it makes me anxious to return to Greece and continue learning more. I have even had a few opportunities to sing hymns with my sister and new friends this summer, which I LOVE! (picture below). I have also been itching to start writing new music and lyrics as an expression of prayer to God, not only for personal use, but also to sing as prayers in the community of believers.

A lot of my work hours at the College in the first months we are back will likely include data-entry for the library and secretarial support, but I also know God will use the passions and gifts He's given me to encourage the rest of the staff and students this year if I just keep my eyes open for those opportunities.

Connect in the      Word & Prayer

"Πρόσεχε, μήπως το φως που νομίζεις ότι έχεις μέσα σου
είναι στην πραγματικότητα σκοτάδι."

"Make sure that the light you think you have in you
is not actually darkness."

Luke 11:33

Please pray with us...
  • Thanking God for safety in all our travels this summer, for encouraging conversations, and for the special unexpected opportunities that came our way to share of God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives!
  • That our last few days in the States would be refreshing and encouraging
  • That when we begin our work at the College mid-September, we will be focused and energized for the big tasks ahead
  • That this year's Bible College students will grow in their walk with the Lord, and that they will be a light for their friends to grow as well!
  • That we can invite another 25-30 committed supporters to join our team to help ensure that we will be able to sustain this work effort long-term
  • That we will remind ourselves daily that our Provider and Sustainer is God alone, and that we will continue to trust Him more 
Enjoying the best of Iowa while riding through the fields on a four-wheeler!
More great things about an Iowa summer: baseball fields & sunsets!


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