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First weeks at the Greek Bible College...
Lots of fun and excitement for what's ahead of us!

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September 2011 Connection

We are just getting started in our new positions at the Bible College, and as with any new job, there is an adjustment period with lots to learn. We have a nice new work space specially set up for us and so many helpful people around us, that we are filled with joy to be in this neat environment God has called us to serve. This weekend the entire college community will be going on a retreat together. It is an important opportunity for connecting and building close relationships amongst the students, faculty, and staff as we spend time listening to everyone’s testimonies and digging into the Word. We hope and pray this will help establish a strong community as we grow together this year at the Greek Bible College.

In our PavMeg e-mails you will read a personal connection from each of us as we share a brief update or story related to our primary roles on staff at the Greek Bible College. We will also include an encouraging verse (in Greek & English!) from our Bible reading and our most recent prayer requests. If there is anything else you would enjoy reading regularly in our updates, we would love to know your interests. Your feedback is important as we strive to build a genuinely committed group of pray-ers and encouragers around us. We need you! Thank you again for being a part of our team as together we: "Grow in the knowledge of God's Word while helping others do the same!"
Connect with Pav

The most pressing matter that I had to deal with upon arriving at the College was to make sure that the chapel and all the classrooms would be equipped with working projectors. After some research, we ended up buying two new ones, we also managed to resurrect two of the old ones with a low-cost work-around solution, and finally we got some of the damaged cabling replaced. The other project that is keeping me busy has to do with the old library computers. Out of five, only two were even turning on and booting successfully! The other three had all sorts of hardware issues, but thankfully, after combining some of their parts, I managed to get one more working, and I think that I have one more on the way... But even the ones that were working, you could tell that they hadn’t been touched by a technician for a long time. So I proceeded to install updates and do some very much needed clean-up. I’m looking forward to finishing this up and moving on to the next project!

Connect with Meg

Did you know there are like fifteen steps involved in getting a new book to the appropriate shelf in a library, ready to be checked out by eager readers! I didn’t, but now I do… and I love it! :) And that’s a good thing, because another shipment of nearly a thousand new books will be arriving very soon! In the meantime, we are taking an inventory of the 15,000 some books we already have. We’ve barely made it through one shelf, and we’ve already found plenty of discrepancies. But I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this library work, and my biggest challenge is not getting too distracted by wanting to read every book or commentary I come across! This month, I also got to help lead worship at our church and at chapel, and I have been preparing a women’s Bible study on the Sermon on the Mount. Thank you, God, for these great opportunities you have given me to serve You!

Connect in the      Word & Prayer

«Αφήστε όλες σας τις φροντίδες σ’ αυτόν,
γιατί αυτός φροντίζει για σας»

"Give all your worries and cares to God,
for he cares about what happens to you."
1 Peter 5:7

Please pray with us...
  • Thanking God for a great start to the new school year at the college
  • Thanking God for a wonderful bunch of students eager to learn and grow
  • That the College retreat will be a blessing & encouragement for everyone
  • That our priorities and focus will remain clear in our work
  • That we can invite another 25-30 committed supporters to join our team
  • That we will learn to trust our Redeemer more and more and more…!
At the entrance of the College
Students and staff at coffee break


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