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Χριστός Ανέστη! Αληθώς Ανέστη!
Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

March 2012 Connection

Spring is here! After one of Greece’s coldest winters, the warm, sunshiny weather this week has been great!  Meg often complains that she doesn’t see enough green in Athens, but during this month of the year, there is lots of green in the parks to enjoy (before the summer heat turns it brown!).  May we all celebrate the beautiful gift of new life this month - especially the new life we have in Christ through his sacrificial death to cleanse us from our sin and renew us from within!  Death has been conquered and eternal life is now offered to all who believe in the Truth.  The Greek Orthodox are especially “festive” at Easter time, so please pray that the awesome Good News will be more clear to them than ever before.

Connect with Pav
I have some great news to report from the IT department! For the past several months I’ve been working on updating the Library Management System of the College. The old system had somehow been “getting the job done,” but with many limitations, such as the major problem of not being able to search for the Greek books correctly because of the different alphabet characters and accents. After a major database re-design, I finally put online a version of the Visitor’s View of the new system. Currently it only supports powerful searching capabilities, but the foundation for everything else (including a LOT of coding) has already been laid. So even though we have not gotten rid of the previous system completely yet, people from the Greek Evangelical Community (and apparently some Greek Orthodox Theologians as we hear!) have already started searching our Library with it!  Now that this project reached a point of usability, I was asked by the Administration of the College to put this on hold and re-direct my focus to the College’s Website. We will soon have a new website to show-off, and we hope and pray that it will help prospective students (as well as donors) be better informed about the College and the major role it plays for the expansion of the Kingdom in Greece and beyond!
Connect with Meg
Most of my work lately has been spent cleaning up the library database so the online search engine could “go public.” But there were other new and exciting opportunities too. Pav & I connected with a local volunteer group in our neighborhood as a part of our goal to intentionally build relationships with our neighbors to be a light for Christ. God has also brought a whole new wave of encouraging relationships with women across my path. While I do enjoy the work in the library, I grow stale inside without enough “overflow” relationships to pour into. This month I wrote in my bi-monthly article for a local Christian magazine about the blessing we are in people’s lives when we are not focused on ourselves. Most people in this world are so pre-occupied worrying about themselves that they don’t have time to care about others. As followers of Christ, however, we’ve been given abundant reason to look beyond ourselves. As we let the truth of Christ’s dealing with our sin truly sink in to our hearts and minds, the outpouring of His grace and love for us will compel us outward in praise to God for removing our sin! This in turn empowers us to look out towards others as well, letting the blessings we have received in Christ fill us up with the love and acceptance we desire, and then we overflow to others desperately craving these precious gifts. Are YOU overflowing with this life-giving truth?
Connect in the      Word & Prayer

«…ὄντας ἡμᾶς νεκροὺς τοῖς παραπτώμασιν
[ὁ δὲ θεὸς] συνεζωοποίησεν τῷ Χριστῷ»
- Εφεσίους 2:4-5
“…even when we were dead in trespasses,
[God] made us alive together with Christ”
- Ephesians 2:4-5

Please pray with us...
  • Thanking God for the beautiful spring weather! You make all things new, LORD!
  • Thanking God for a special visit from a fellow Midwestern girl! And for a chance to pray with her on Mars Hill
  • Thanking God for new opportunities to serve and build relationships in Nea Ionia
  • That the truth of Christ will be ALIVE in the hearts of Greeks celebrating Easter
  • That progress will continue to go well as we work on the College website
Cheese! Our fun-loving English students being goofy after hanging out at our house one evening!
Daffodils show off the beauty of spring! We've taken many walks outdoors enjoying the nice warm weather!


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