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April 2013 Connection

Cyprus Ministry Tour Report

This month we spent five days in Cyprus with our Bible College family (students, faculty and staff). We put on a two-day seminar for the local evangelical churches covering the topics of evangelism and discipleship. Meg also got to be involved in helping the students lead an hour of worship. What a treat to spend time in fellowship with Christians from a different country, get to know their ministries, and learn how to be praying for them!

These tours are not just about the one time encouragement and learning opportunities they create, but we are also praying for the long term impact they may have. Last year our ministry tour was to Northeastern Greece. During our short visit to Istanbul, one of our students felt God’s call for her to go and serve in Turkey for the long term. She started by spending last summer there, and she is now preparing to move there and work full time. Another student also built a connection with a church in Northern Greece and spent his whole summer serving their youth there.

Our prayer is the same for our current students and their newly built connections with Cyprus. After visiting a mercy ministry in the center of the city that is a collective effort of all the local Evangelical churches to serve people from a wide range of nationalities, maybe one of our students will catch a vision for returning to support that work. After visiting the Christian national radio station office of a Greek Bible College alumni, a few of our students are already fired up about the possibility of setting up our own studio here on campus to record programs that can be broadcasted on the national radio. After visiting American Academy (est. 1922 by missionaries), and seeing another Bible College alumni teaching a Bible class to Muslim and Greek Orthodox high school students, perhaps one of our students will catch a vision to teach one day. One thing is clear – the Lord is at work, and He has great plans for our students.
Connect in the    Word & Prayer
«καὶ αὕτη ἐστὶν ἡ ἀγάπη, ἵνα περιπατῶμεν κατὰ τὰς ἐντολὰς αὐτοῦ·»
- 2 Ιωάννου 1:6
“This is love, that we walk according to His commandments.”
- 2 John 1:6
  • As another school year is just weeks away from completing, please pray for our students as they begin to plan their next steps for what the Lord wants them to do with the knowledge and experience they’ve gained through their one, two, or three years at the Bible College.
  • Also, last week the students from a local junior high class came to visit our college library and campus for a few hours. We were positively surprised by the persistence of their teacher (who is the wife of a Greek Orthodox priest!) to make this happen, even though for two weeks she was receiving very negative comments from both the administration of the school and some parents. Please pray for the kids who came, as this was their first (and probably only) positive exposure to Protestantism. Also please pray for this event to open doors for more positive connections with the local community of Pikermi, where our college is located.

The founder of the Christian radio station in Cyprus and former GrBC student, shared with our students the difficulties he had to go through in order to get permission to operate.
Our car let us down twice in four days and for different reasons. Οur commute to the College depends on it, but thankfully it happened on a Friday, so by Monday evening we got it back.


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