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Coffee time with PavMeg
Thanksgiving at GrBC
Sunday service at the Kypseli church plant
Christmas party at Pyxida
Caroling in the streets of Kypseli

α. A strong core team of families at our Kypseli church plant with a heart for the area and plenty of ideas to continue making an impact for Christ.

β. Using our story to practically help other couples in similar situations, such as dealing with immigration, taxes, cross cultural marriage, etc.

γ. A good routine with our Bible study group. It helps keep us accountable as we’re growing in the knowledge of God’s word while helping others do the same!

δ. Meggan successfully completing another NaNoWriMo, which also created opportunities for new friendships with other Greek writers.

ε. Our family’s relatively good physical health so far this flu season.

ς. Special holiday traditions with friends and the Bible college family.

α. The rest of the funds ($189,500) needed for the completion of the new GrBC academic building.  Also for wisdom in how to best design the new library space.

β. The lasting impact of the Christmas events taking place at the Kypseli community center. May they lead to new relationships with the neighborhood, and may everyone involved encounter the Savior, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

γ. The worship team at Kypseli. May those who plan and lead the service help everyone to avoid distractions and focus on God’s truths. Also please pray for wisdom in Meggan’s involvement in this ministry.

δ. Pavlos’ projects at the college. May the technical support and development he offers to the faculty and the students help everyone be more productive with their tasks.

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