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α. The ministry tour, academic wrap-up, and graduation of a great bunch of students at the Greek Bible College!

β. Our successful two week trip to NW Iowa where we visited with multiple old and new friends and supporters.

γ. Opportunities to be a mutual encouragement in the community by speaking at two elderly homes, the National Day of prayer, a VBS, worship services and Bible studies.

δ. The time we are currently spending investing in relationships with people in central Iowa whom we visit at their homes and share Greek treats we have made for them.

ε. The steady improvement of Pav’s mom’s health after a stroke she suffered back in February.

ς. Our rapidly growing son Theodore who remains joyful and flexible in spite of our extremely irregular schedule.

α. Our students who are on the frontlines of ministry events in Greece this summer. Please pray for them as they put into action everything they are taught throughout the year.

β. The financial, but mostly the spiritual condition of Greece. As the current Greek government fights to end the crisis, the future is uncertain, but we know that God will use this situation. We pray that many Greeks will turn to Him!

γ. The last part of our journey with Immigration Services. In the Fall we were under the impression that we would be back in Greece by May. Since then our estimates have changed more than once, but we now have strong reasons to believe that we are in the final sprint! Please pray that the final steps (naturalization interview, civics test, oath, and passport application) will go quickly & smoothly.

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