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Merry Christmas!
Welcome to our family, Matthew Paul!
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α. The healthy birth of our son, Matthew Paul, on Oct. 4. For our family who live near, and those who visited from afar, that have been a great help as we adjust to our new lifestyle as a family of four.

β. The new student body, each with their own unique redemption story. It is always neat to see how God connects a specific group of people’s stories for His glory.

γ. The church planting conference we attended, reinvigorating our vision and purpose in seeing a healthy Christian community grow in our city.

δ. The outing we took on a Sunday morning in November with our Kypseli church family. The turnout was beyond what we imagined, allowing us to connect with family members and friends of those who regularly attend.

α. The connections being made with members from the Kypseli community through our Christmas outreach programs. May they develop into long term relationships where we can be salt and light in their lives.

β. The youth at Kypseli. Some of them are challenging to deal with discipline-wise. May the Lord raise us up, among others, as loving role models that they will feel compelled to trust and respect.

γ. The health of refugee pregnant women and their newborn babies. After recently experiencing this life event ourselves, we have a heavier burden for these women going through this in not ideal circumstances.

δ. Our trip to the USA this month. We were excited to celebrate with Meggan’s brother and his bride at their wedding in Sully, IA on December 17.

ε. The grieving wife, children, and church family of a very dear supporter of ours. At just 50 years old, he suddenly passed away this Christmas week following a massive stroke. We praise God for his life lived in obedience as a faithful servant of our Lord.

What are things like at the college this year?
    We have a large class of 1st year students, most in their late 20s. Some in the 2nd-3rd year class returned to complete the full program after a break of many years. We also have a handful of retired people taking courses.

    In collaboration with a UK university, the GrBC is able to offer a Master’s Degree for the first time this semester. Although still in its pilot phase, three of our alumni jumped right in, grateful for an opportunity for further theological studies in Greek, since Greece is still without a single Evangelical Seminary.

What’s the big deal about the new GrBC building?
    Adding a new building to our existing college could easily be misinterpreted as an expansion move. However, in the case of the Greek Bible College, it’s nothing less than a complex matter of survival.

    For many decades, government run universities have been the only accredited form of higher education in Greece. This changed in 2009, when the EU forced the government to give permits to private colleges. While this was a positive development, it also meant our school would either have to obtain the permit or be shut down. The requirements were extravagant for our small school, but the ramifications of the only Bible College in Greece shutting down would be terribly disheartening.

    The churches in Greece and beyond stood behind the GrBC financially, and therefore we’ve been managing to obtain temporary permits for all these years.

    Please continue praying for the finances to complete the new building which will put an end to this challenging process, allowing the administration of the college to focus entirely on training the next generation of church leaders in Greece.

Anything new for 2017?
    Our goal as a couple has always been to "Grow in the knowledge of God's Word while helping others do the same." We're thankful for the opportunities we have to live this out in the GrBC & Kypseli communities, but we long for more. We wish we could regularly sit with you in our living room to study God's Word together, but we know this is impossible.

    So as the new year begins, we'd like to invite you to join us in reading through the Bible using the excellent study materials at https://readscripture.org. Go to our PavMeg Connect Facebook Page for more information.
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