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Coffee time with PavMeg
Hiking up a mountain
during Easter break
Playing with the children
at the refugee camp

α. The positive experience of the Greek Bible College annual ministry tour. (watch video)

β. The successful renewal of the College’s accreditation. The process initially demands a very thorough self-evaluation for every aspect of the college life, which inherently inspires action, change, and motivation for improvement even before the outside accreditors step in with their review.

γ. The family atmosphere of the Kypseli church plant and the opportunities for growing in relationship throughout the Easter season.

δ. For the Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations we had focusing on God’s light.

ε. The positive change we see in some of the teenagers from the neighborhood and how this seems to also be affecting their non-believing families.

α. The completion of the College’s new academic building. While the main structure is finished, there’s still a lot of interior work that is lagging behind due to lack of funds. Greek banks are not giving out loans these days, but we are still proceeding in faith.

β. The graduation. May it be an opportunity for all attending to witness God’s goodness (including non-believers).

γ. The Kypseli church plant weekly activities. In addition to various meetings, our primary roles in this season include Pav leading Bible study and Meg leading worship.

δ. The planning of meaningful summer outreach activities in Kypseli. We have been slowly building a network with people in the area, but we still feel a need to become better known by the community.

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