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Coffee time with PavMeg
The first Kypseli baptism
took place at the sea
Kids festival
at Kypseli square

α. The first baptisms at our church plant. May God continue working in the lives of these two women, different in age, but both new in Christ!

β. The generosity of a church community in Northwest IA. They offered a scholarship to one of our students which will allow him to continue his studies with us this year!

γ. The many new students who have already applied and are planning to attend the GrBC.

δ. The positive wrapping up of our Kypseli Bible study groups and women’s meetings for the summer.

ε. The kids festivals and a number of other outreach events we organized and/or host at Kypseli this summer with the help of teams from the US and Korea. The people of the community are gradually becoming less suspicious of us and some of them are even offering to volunteer.

α. The Kypseli church plant. May He guide us as we’re planning this coming year’s Bible studies, outreach events, etc.

β. The tough times that some members of our faculty are facing within their families. May God be their refuge and their comforter as they're dealing with visa uncertainty, health issues, and even death.

γ. The pilot year of a new Master’s program which we will be offering to our graduates.

δ. The completion of a large coding project that Pav has undertaken. The final software will make life easier for the GrBC staff and students.

ε. The upcoming inspection of our new Academic building by the government. The requirements continue changing, and keeping up with them is really hard for our small college.

ς. The birth of our second child in September and safe travels for his Iowa grandparents!

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