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Evening event during Missions Week at GrBC
Visiting a family of new believers in Kypseli
7th graders visiting from the local public school
Celebrating a Sunday school teacher's birthday at Kypseli
Ministry exibition during Missions Week at GrBC

α. Joy, safety, and time to connect with some of you during our short trip to the USA in December.

β. The large team of volunteers who came this winter to help us complete parts of the GrBC building project.

γ. The genuine intrigue of seventy 9th grade students from a nearby public school who visited GrBC to see what Protestant Christians are like after learning about it in the classroom.

δ. The connections made between our students and ministry opportunities during the GrBC missions week this February.

ε. The opportunity for Meg to return to her participation in worship leading for the Kypseli Church plant.

ς. The ever increasing positive response from the people in our ReadScripture with PavMeg Facebook Group. It’s never too late to join us!

α. This next season in the life of our Kypseli church family when our pastor and his wife will be in the USA for six months. Along with the rest of our leadership team, we will need to take on (or effectively teach and share) more responsibilities.

β. The continuing cultivation of a relationship with a family in Kypseli who seems to have made a decision for Christ! (photo on the left).

γ. This year’s GrBC ministry tour road trip to Albania (Pav will participate). We’ll visit alumni serving there, plus stop to connect with multiple churches along the way.

δ. The approximate $65,000 we still need to raise in order to complete the new GrBC building.

ε. The decision we will soon have to make regarding our children’s style of education.

What is GrBC Missions Week, and what purpose does it serve?

    All students of the Greek Bible College are actively engaged in one or more ministries. So for the past few years, our college introduced the “Missions Week” to connect our students with ministry and mission opportunities. During this week, we invite both the students and ministry representatives to attend special events such as seminars with topics relevant to missions, a ministry fair, and parties including games, foreign cuisine tasting, etc. On Sunday the students split into groups to attend various international churches throughout Athens.

    This special week each year has been encouraging for all involved, and we watch with anticipation God connects and directs people to follow His call for His Kingdom purposes in Athens and beyond.

Can you tell us more about this year’s Missions Week?

    Ministries from all over Athens, plus a couple of foreign missions, had the chance to connect with our students this year. Some examples include mercy ministries offering meals, showers, and laundry to homeless and refugees; evangelism ministries reaching out to prostitutes, transvestites, drug addicts and alcoholics; children’s ministries such as summer camps and more; a maritime ministry, college student outreach; and foreign missions opportunities serving in orphanages or offering medical care in different African countries.

    This year we also had a Taste of the World evening (picture on front) where an OM representative gave a helpful representation of the percentage of missionaries going to serve among “unreached” people groups.  She had ten faculty members stand up to represent the world’s population. One person represented the percentage of true confessing disciples of Jesus Christ. Two people represented the percentage of nominal Christians, those who would adopt the Christian label, but are mostly just participating in routine religious practices without knowing the Lord. Three people represented those who have heard the Gospel once, but want nothing to do with it (most in Greece are in this category.) The last four represented the percentage of unreached people who have never heard the Gospel, with each person dressing up as one of the main blocks of the unreached: Muslims, Hindus,  Buddhists, and Animists.

    Then she shared that currently 40% of missionaries are serving the 10% who are disciples of Christ, and just 10% are going to reach the unreached 40%, inciting a powerful prayer challenge.
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