Read Scripture

Once you click on the link to join our group, follow these simple steps:

1) Log in to your YouVersion account or follow the easy steps to create an account and/or download this most popular and trustworthy Bible reading app.

2) Accept the invitation to our group plan and complete Day 1's Devotional reading. It includes an overview of the plan and a 5 minute video.

3) Say hello in the "Talk It Over" chat thread and consider following the instructions to set up daily reading reminders found at the bottom of the Day 1 Devotional under "What now?"

FYI: You may want to wait until September 8 to set up these notifications since they will begin popping up daily even if the start date of our group plan hasn't arrived yet.

Then get ready to begin daily reading assignments on Monday, September 9!

Copied below is a portion of the plan overview to help you decide if you'd like to join. We encourage you to give it a try even if you don't think you can commit for the long haul. If you feel particularly busy this season and don't want to start in September, feel free to jump in at any time. Looking forward to reading God's Word together, prayerfully wondering, "Who are you, God?"

What you will learn in this plan:

  1. To learn how God's entire story is summed up in its great climax: Jesus.
  2. God’s cosmic mission to bless the nations and restore creation.
  3. God’s shocking grace in the face of human idolatry, evil and injustice.

Here is what to expect from each day of this Reading Plan:

  • Days 1-5 of each 7-day section consists of 1-2 chapters of reading (or listening, if you prefer). We pair 1-2 of them per week with short videos from the Bible Project, which explain the message of different books, as well as key theological themes. Expect 15-30 minutes of reading/watching on these days.
  • Day 6 of each section is a 3-5 verse reading that summarizes the previous week. We recommend using it to reflect and meditate. Expect this to take 3-5 minutes.
  • Day 7 of each section is a 3-5 verse reading and a short devotion, which summarizes and applies the previous week’s reading. Expect this to take 3-5 minutes.

The key to this plan is to keep going even if you miss a few days! If you do miss some reading, simply go back to watch the videos you missed and read that week's short devotion.

Since this plan is all about making God's story our story, our first Bible Project video summarizes the entire Biblical story in five minutes. It's worth revisiting this video just to remind yourself of where you are as we read through the Bible together.