"Growing in the knowledge of God's Living Word
while helping others do the same."

Since 2011, we have worked towards this goal by serving the Greek Bible College and planting a church in downtown Athens. We also spent eighteen months living on the Greek island of Lesvos - a location deeply impacted by waves of refugee populations.

Our work currently includes localizing (translating and contextualizing) video libraries of Bible study resources from English into Greek. We also work to promote these free resources to Greek speakers.

Additionally, Pavlos regularly consults with non-profits to meet their technical and software development needs for free. He continually seeks out others to join him in this work. Meggan spends her time reading the Bible and books about the Bible and theology, while inviting others to join her. Often she’ll write a song or blogpost about what she’s learning, and occasionally she’ll work up the nerve to share it.

Let's connect! E-mail: connect@pavmeg.com